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Whether you’re facing a divorce trial or custody battle, or need to negotiate a non-hostile divorce, or need guidance someplace in between full-out war and peaceful conflict resolution for any family law matter, you’ll find that Marder and Seidler understands your needs. They will help you understand every step of the process along with your options with gentle and clear explanations and guide you in making intelligent, informed decisions in your case that will yield the best results for you and your family.

Marder and Seidler, specializes in family law serving clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for 41 years.

A “simple” divorce is a rare thing

People sometimes say they have a “simple” divorce, but it is rare indeed that such a thing exists, maybe if it is a very short marriage, with no wedding gifts received, no debts incurred, no employment income of any kind, no tax returns, and no payments made on any pre-marital debt.  When property of any kind is acquired during the marriage, it should be equally divided or allocated in an equal way.  If marital earnings are used to pay down pre-marital debt, it benefits one party to the marriage and should be compensated.


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The family law issues become more complex when there is a family business, when one parent wants to relocate out-of-state or far enough away to make frequent parenting difficult, or when there were separate property assets (or debts) brought to the marriage and commingled with marital property (a tracing issue).  Cases are complex when there is a high net worth to be divided, there are issues of spousal support because one party earns substantially more than the other, there has been a disproportionate share of marital responsibilities, or one partner gave up a career or stayed out of the workforce for the benefit of the marriage.